Quick Ref

Collection of posts for your quick reference instead of scrolling down pages after pages:

germaN160 Layout
Layout Space: Life Makes Constant Changes (15.10.2013)
Trackplan: Somewhere in Germany Trackplan – Final Version (13.11.2013)
Space Preparation: Layout Progress – Preparing the Base for Module A (09.12.2013)
Standards: NEM Standards for N-scale Modellers (01.05.2012)
Standards: Standards on germaN160 (21.02.2014)
Standards: Best Practices for Model Platform Constructions (14.03.2014)
NCE DCC: “The Cart before The Horse” Syndrome (04.03.2014)
Operation: Guide to German Railways Operation and Signalling Principles (20.06.2014)
Build Concept: S-Bahn Underground Station (14.03.2014)
Build #01: Plywood for Segment Modules (24.01.2014)
Build #02: Lots of Measuring and Cutting for Module Parts (16.02.2014)
Build #03: Working 9 to 5 for germaN160 (22.02.2014)
Build #04: First Stress Test, I Meant the Modules (25.02.2014)
Build #05: Up, Up and Awake … (02.03.2014)
Build #06: Track Laying Visualisation (09.03.2014)
Build #07: Flex Tracks as Planning Tool (16.03.2014)
Build #08: Heading Toward the First Milestone (25.03.2014)
Build #09: Rise, My Child, Riseee! (29.03.2014)
Build #10: Staging Yard (08.04.2014)
Build #11: Dive! Dive! Dive! (07.06.2014)
Build #12: Track-laying Begins (15.06.2014)
Build #13: Maiden Power Test Run on First 3 Km (18.06.2014)
Build #14: Turnouts Turned Out … (04.07.2014)
Build #15: Good Wiring is An Essential Lifeline to a Model Railway (12.07.2014)
Build #16: Wiring and Weathering (Part 1) (19.07.2014)

80x20cm N-scale Diorama
Diorama #01: Reposts from My Other Blog (8.10.2011 – 25.12.2011)
Diorama #02: 20cm Space Brings Wonders to N-scale (16.10.2013)
Diorama #03: Experimenting with Module Building – ICE Diorama Rework (10.11.2013)
Diorama #04: Teaser Photos from ICE Diorama Rework (15.12.2013)
Diorama #05: Dremel DSM20 Compact Saw – A Product Review (the diorama was used for testing Dremel DSM20. Thank you Dremel Europe for the compact saw and multi-tool) (16.12.2013)
Diorama #06: First DCC Run on ICE Diorama (15.03.2014)

z21 Reviews
z21 #01: Unboxing Fleischmann white z21 Digital Starter Set ÖBB Rh1111 Taurus (30.12.2014)
z21 #02: Settings and Programming (01.01.2015)
z21 #03: Booster Light and Detector (10.01.2016)


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