Mini Diorama for Office

I found it therapeutic to work on a model railroad in spite of its size. While my larger segment layout is stowed in the cellar for the time being, I found a small piece of wood 46cm x 11cm that makes a nice mini diorama for my office desk.


I took a piece of medium right Peco turnout and laid some concrete Peco flex-tracks to each end of the wood. I used a 3mm cork roadbed which was made from cork wall panels (available at hardware stores). The platform at top end is also made from cork. I am modelling a small town station with single line and a siding near the station.


I applied Tams dark gray ballast which from this photo looks black. After gluing the color stayed black (reminder to self: buy light gray ballast or mix with other light-color ballast). As you can see above, it took me a good one hour to upkeep the embankment and make sure the ballast stayed near. The end-result was a neatly-attended track.


After letting the glue mixture settled over night, it was time for photo shoots. The BR 185 and ICE 2 volunteered for the first few shots.


For finishing touch I applied liberally some Noch grass along the tracks and added a block signal near the platform. In total I spent less than 10 working hours on this piece, not including drying time. The result is quite pleasing. This gives me a hands-on practice in laying tracks, ballasting and making the diorama stands out. At least I learned what I should do on my larger layout later.

It is not complete yet. You can still see some bare wood. I will add a dirt road on this end and a tar-road on the other end. The platform needs some concrete color and I will add a few passengers on the platform. Again, when time permits, you will see little progress on this diorama.

For my photos, see my Facebook page.


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