Model Rail Radio #89: The JLow Show

It is nice to have a show named after you. Reminds me of my childhood days, watching “The Andy Griffith Show“, staring Andy Griffith and Don Knotts. Thanks Tom Barbalet for hosting the chat show at European-friendly time. Here is the link to MRR #89 and a sypnosis of the show:

Andy Dixson has a layout update. Will more trees have to die for this layout? Time will tell. Jimmy Low introduces his model railroading interests. Will Merrell provides a blueprint for a successful NTrak club in particular working through a busy show season. Will and Jim Lincoln answer some questions from Jimmy Low. Winston Norton has been working on a module for the Great British Train Show and is exploring a new scale. Winston has a question for Tom. Anders Wirten provides an update on his plans. Sven Frank answers some pressing questions. Mike Deverell has broken records in layout removal. Brace yourself for this discussion. Toni Ryan is similarly stunned but he stands by Mike.

   Andy Dixson 
   Jimmy Low 
   Will Merrell 
   Jim Lincoln 
   Winston Norton 
   Anders Wirten 
   Sven Frank 
   Mike Deverell 
   Toni Ryan 
   Tom Barbalet


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