Easter and Trains

Happy Easter, everyone! Easter is a time many look forward to, not just children and also big children. It is a sign of spring season and the start of the train seasons. After a few months of break, most clubs, museums and shows start to come out of hibernation and active once again.

This spring, I had the opportunity to visit Intermodellbau 2014 in Dortmund. This is one of major exhibitions for the model-related hobbies such as model railways. As the annual Nuremberg Toys Fair is only opened to the trade, this Intermodellbau is open to the public where almost all major manufacturers will display and promote their latest models for the year to the public.


For more pictures, click here.

About 30 minutes from Dortmund lies Bochum, home to Germany’s largest private collection of prototypes. I was fortunate that the Eisenbahnmuseum (Railway Museum) Bochum had 2-day museum day that weekend. A full day Saturday at Dortmund and a full day Sunday at Bochum-Dahlhausen. The star of the show were two Prussian P8 (now BR038) but I could not help posting this road-rail omnibus of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (Federal (West) Germany Railway)


For more pictures, click here.


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