Build #10: Staging Yard

I have now reached the staging yard, one of the critical part of my layout, after months of weekend construction. This yard is important, although it would be hidden, as it would consist of 6 tracks – 3 per direction – and hold low priority trains. The initial plan was 7 tracks but I decided to forego this track for cost consideration. Just like a real railroad, any track extension involves cost and whether it is economically viable to do so. Furthermore, the tight radius at first track resulted in me pushing the positions of all 6 tracks further up the module.

The turnouts leading to the staging yard have been modified to accommodate the new track arrangements too.



It is a pity that these tracks would be hidden (eventually). For now and at least until end of this year, tracks at bottom level would continue to be visible.

I also took the opportunity to adjust the vertical clearance between the bottom and the top levels. I had two pieces of risers – at 4.65cm and 5.50cm. I knew I have no problem with 5.50cm but the effect on the top level gradient would have to be tested. On the other hand, 4.65cm rise would be “just made it” situation. I used a Kato Superliner coach to simulate a loco with pantograph or the coach itself (I could run some Amtrak trains on my layout).


You could see how little space I have been the top sub-roadbed and the bottom sub-roadbed. I would also need to be careful with the position of wires and turnout mechanisms.







There would be any construction activity this coming Saturday again as I would be in Dortmund for the Intermodellbau 2014 show on 13th April. Time to get inspired and collect new ideas for the layout.


2 thoughts on “Build #10: Staging Yard

    • Thanks Tom for your feedback. Yea, what looks good on paper could not be realised in reality. Lots of twitching and adapting to fit to the space I have. Hence, I slowed down my construction as I did not want to rush to cut some wood.

      Report from Dortmund coming soon!

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