When No Sound is A Good Sign

Wiring for a DCC layout will be top on my germaN160 layout construction program. Everywhere I read about DCC wiring, one of the essential tools to have is a audible short tester. How does this tester function? In short (sorry, pun intended here), the buzzer will be audible when you connect the feeders to the wrong track bus polarities. Model Railroad Hobbyist (MRH) magazine provides an excellent explanation and video on how this work and how to build one.

Source: MRH March 2012 – Issue #25

So I bought my parts from Conrad for less than 10 Euro and soldered the 12V buzzer, alligator clips and battery contact as per instruction above. The problem with this white buzzer was it did not show the polarity and as a non-electrical engineer, I was wondering which were positive and negative polarities. After some googling, positive is marked (+) with red, and negative is marked (-) with black. The wiring became easier after this AHA moment.



I soldered and taped all the wires together and the final result – an audible short tester. This is one tester where you DO not want to hear any sound. What an irony.


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