Improving Gradients

I read in many forums as well as from various modular standards such as FREMO, Ntrak, etc., it was uncommon to have multi-levels. In fact, gradients were typically kept to minimal (please correct me if I erred). Ntrak did specify a “mountain division” track . On the other hand, segmented layout is actually a layout broken up into many equal or unequal sections without common end-profiles that allow for interchangeability. In essence, this is what my layout germaN160 is. I have in total 8 modules – 6 standard modules and 2 end modules. Each module supports 2 levels.


My challenge is to ensure the gradients are kept to minimal, within the “permissible” level of 2% for mainlines and 3% for secondary lines. As I am currently working from Segment A and H as starting points towards Segment E, I now faced some challenges in accommodating to the different gradients especially at Segment H, which is a critical transition segment (this applies eventually to Segment B and D  too).

I found a solution to my “self-created” problem (hmm, what did Einstein said about problem-solving :P)


The idea was to lower the tracks to a slightly lower level, while maintaining reasonable vertical clearances. If you refer back to the track plan above, the S-Bahn station tracks (at Segment A) would be at 102.5cm level. I changed that to 100.0cm level. The tracks at Segment E would be lowered by 2cm to 98.0cm and 108.0cm  respectively. As a results, the tracks from the diamond crossings in Segment E towards the staging yard would now be on a 1.0% downgrade (blue line). The downgrade starts at 46cm and ends at 230cm (grey marks  “milestones” in cm from Segment H end -profile.

improvedgradientFront view of Segment E to A

From Milestone 35, the red tracks (the last 4 tracks on the right, below) would start its 2.5% incline up to 8cm by the time it reaches the turnouts at Segment E. Previously this section of tracks would have to make 1.7% incline in Segment H and 2.0% incline in Segment G and F. I eliminated the construction problem by making it one continuous 2.5% incline.


The purple tracks from top level, now at 112.0cm (previously 115.0cm) would make a 2.0% curved decline to the turnouts at  Segment E, a 4cm drop.

Segment D to B would be similiarly treated once I come to that part of construction.

I think this would work. Feel free to comment.


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