First DCC Run on ICE Diorama

I have not abandoned the ICE diorama at all. Yes, as I said before, the ICE diorama is a test bed for me to try out things before I put them on the larger segment layout.

Finally, I took out my NCE PowerCab and gave it a trial run with Kato P42 Genesis #52. Sorry if you were expecting ICE on this run, despite the name of the diorama (note to self again: stop calling it ICE diorama). Anyway, #52 is the only loco that I have added a Digitrax decoder some 10 years back. I did some shopping at Conrad this evening and bought myself some alligator clips and wires. Soldered them together and I have a pair of track feeders.


The initial run was not working. I removed the shell and discovered that the motor and the running gears were disconnected. I guessed it must have jerked during the shipment to Germany. A short twitch put the gears in order and the lights were on again. It was a good sign. When the light is on, means the decoder works. I let it run a few times before putting the shell back.



A short video of the trial run


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