Concept Development: S-Bahn Underground Station

I am pretty satisfied with the results of the track laying visualisation. I made some adjustments to the track positions to ensure I have some buffer space between adjacent tracks. 4 of the 6 tracks would be elevated starting from the end of Segment A-H; thus, I made sure that I have some buffer when I saw them – I am using cookie cutter method, whereby you cut and lift a portion of the roadbed for elevation.

One of the major adjustments was the tracks leading to the proposed S-Bahn underground station. This station could hold up to 3 coaches per track and with tighter than expected radius. I could not realise the radii that were originally drawn by my colleague. As a compromise, I have a sharper radius and shorter island platform. In addition, instead of a curved platform, I wanted that platform to be straight.




The island platform would be 60mm wide with accesses in the middle and ends of the platform to the central station and street level.


Between the S-Bahn station and the diamond crossings, a removable view would be added. I want to preserve the feeling of a typical underground station, modelled after either one of the new Leipzig City Tunnel stations or Frankfurt Hbf station. I am more inclined to the Leipzig City Tunnel station. Furthemore, there is no reason why ICE could not enter a S-Bahn underground tunnel; the proof.

Again, this is still at conception stage. New ideas popped into my mind once a while. So until the nail hits the coffin, so they say, nothing is final.


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