Best Practices for Model Platform Constructions

The Federal Association of German Railway Friends (Bundesverband Deutscher Eisenbahn – Freunde e.V.) published best practices as guidelines for modellers of German railways. These best practices are not part of the the MOROP NEM standards; thus, modellers are not obligated to adopt them.

Having said that, I read through their best practices and would adopt them on my layout. In particular, this best practice on platform and ramp constructions took into account the existing NEM 102 loading gauges/clearances. Additional clearances were recommended for platforms located at curves (NEM 103).


Not all platforms are the same. Depending on its purposes and traffic, passenger platforms have various heights. That explains why at some stations, additional assistance were given to climb onboard or off the trains.


The minimum width of each platform differs depending on their location at a particular station.



I hope you find these information helpful.


4 thoughts on “Best Practices for Model Platform Constructions

  1. You don’t know how long I have been searching for this valuable information in regarding a European train station platforms. Thank you very much!!!

    • Hi Eric,
      I am glad it helps. Let me know if you need other info. I have done some research but will publish when I come to a certain topic. Otherwise, look into my Links page. I have listed useful URLs there.


      • Jimmy, any little bit of information will be appreciated. So far, I am still getting the most information from your blog. Don’t stop, what ever you do! BTW, I read your articles too from your Facebook page, excellent!

      • Thanks. I am glad the articles are of help. Recently I am too busy at work to do much construction. I hope to pick up speed again.

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