Layout Progress: Preparing the Base for Module A

After 2 weeks of non-activity (since the Modell Süd show in Stuttgart), I kicked myself on the butt (hmm how did I do that??!! :p) and started doing some work on my layout. Finally!! Last Saturday I sent to IKEA shopping and got myself a MALM chest of drawers with 4 drawers for 69 Euros. It fits nicely to the corner that I wanted for Module A, which will be the central railway station (Hauptbahnhof) and a siding for industry (Industrie Anschluss). Just in case you forgotten about my track plan, here it is again.

IMAG2789Vacuumed clean and ready for Module A


The chest of drawers is 100cm high and 80cm wide and fits neatly at that 136cm wide corner. After being in Germany for 4 years (wow, how time flies!), the German precision begins to rub on me (and irritates others). The chest of drawers occupies the exact centre of the balcony. Ta daaa ……

IMAG2805Exactly 68cm to the left and right of the balcony (CL: Centre Line)

Phew … that was tight.

I mentioned before I have a tilting apartment. I am off by 2cm on the left side. So I would place a 2cm beam at the bottom left to left this chest to a level position. Once I have the baseboard on top of this chest, I would remeasure the tilt again and perhaps may need extra 1-2mm to bring the whole module to a level position.


The final result is as below. You must be wondering why the top drawer is open. Well, this will be my future Centralised Traffic Control. The soft board is temporarily there to the sides together but I intend to put a thicker 10mm plywood. Over it I will build a control panel for the turnouts and signals at and around the central railway station. I am planning to go DCC (digital) for the train control (I have a NCE PowerCab) but for the turnouts and signals I will stick to DC (analog). I thought it would be interesting to have an analog-digital layout both for cost consideration and reduce wiring complexity around the layout. Or am I wrong? I look forward to comments.


IMAG2807Oh ya, the top is retractable too. Cool eh.

IMAG2809And for extra comfort, the CTC Director gets his own chair 😀 The rest would have to stand.
The diorama is 11.5cm high, which is the planned height of the top level of my layout. At a sitting position, I could see the trains and tracks nicely.

Now, I need to get myself a DB Fahrdienstleitersmütze (traffic director peak cap). The transformation would be complete 😀



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