“Somewhere in Germany” Trackplan – 1st Version

I have finally put my thoughts on paper. The theme of my layout is “Somewhere in Germany” (“Irgendwo in Deutschland”). Over 11m double-track, I want to capture the atmosphere and the feeling of somewhere in Germany without being specific where in Germany.

Let me give you a short intro of the space and my benchwork/trackplan concept. Feel free to comment. Tell me what you like and dislike about the trackplan.

– I have been given an enclosed balcony 3.7m (12ft) x 1.4m (4.6ft). The layout will be “around the wall” concept with 30cm (11.8in) width on the long side and 60cm (23.6in) on each end.

– The minimum height of the layout is 100cm (39.4in) from the floor. The layout will be modular basis, broken down into 7 pieces of various sizes. The purpose of having modules for ease of removal for balcony and window cleaning as well as transport. My workplace is either at the cellar during the winter or the garden behind my house at other time.

– Each module has 2 levels – 101.6cm top of rail from floor (37in) and 1.075cm top of rail (42.3in). I am 5.7 ft. (68in) tall.

– The theme is “Somewhere in Germany”. A short explanation of each module:
> Module A: Top level will be a suburban or German village (dorf). The main double track will run behind the suburb while at the front is a small industry and the local station/halt. Bottom level will be staging yard with 3 tracks per direction.

> Module B: Top level is the mountain with tunnel towards suburb (east) and steel bridge (west). Bottom level will be hidden pass through double track towards staging yard.

> Module C: A steel bridge at an angle. This module must be liftable or at least a duckunder. Underneath the valley and river is the hidden pass through double track towards staging yard.

> Module D: Top level connects to the steel bridge (east) and towards the main station (west), Bottom level connects to hidden pass through double track towards staging yard (east) and lower part of the main station module (west)

> Module E: The main station module with slight curved platform. The station area sits at top level is marked. At bottom level is a visible pass through double track. At the other end of station is a sharp curve. I know this is not recommended but it is common in Germany that station throat could be tight. This forces any trains to negotiate into and out of the station slowly.

> Module F: Top level tracks transition to the bottom level of the station module (west) and the top level of station module transitions to bottom level of Module E (west).

> Module G: Bottom tracks enter 2 portals into hidden pass through double track towards staging yard (east). Top level tracks negotiate curves towards suburb (east).

I plan to operate ICE 8-car, commuter as well as good trains. I am using NCE Powercab with manual turnout switch. At moment, I will be the only one operating the layout.
As posted earlier, September Morn is the season on the layout.



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