Prayer almost answered …. Fleischmann H0-scale ICE BR407

At last, Fleischmann answered my prayer ….(almost). The 2013 catalog shows the new HO-scale construction of the DBAG ICE BR407. This basic set comes with 4 parts (with sound) with 2 versions of 2-part extensions. So, for those of you who are looking forward to have a new ICE on your layout, Fleischmann will have them in sometime this year.



602861_486197531426588_26939896_nFotos: Eisenbahn-Romantik

Fleischmann ICE BR407 Test Report (only in Deutsch):

For the N-scalers like myself, let’s continue to pray harder. I have ICE 2 from Fleischmann and I am happy with the craftmanship and finishing. Although I have not had a chance to run my ICE 2 (or ICE 3 from Arnold) I am sure I can bet on Fleischmann to produce this impressive ICE.

Will Fleischmann produce ICx too?


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