Eureka! Tilt-Table Layout Contruction!

Another challenge that I faced is how to construct my layout that can be easily stored and transported. Most people have a basement, room or even an attic to spare, even for a 4 by 8 foot layout. Yet, I will be constructing a 100cm by 226cm layout using IKEA IVAR frames (equivalent to 3,3 by 7,4 feet for those using the non-metric unit of measurements). I could not put my layout on a flat (normal) position due to lack of space in living room or even any other room. With the remodelling of my apartment living room, some spare space is available but when not using the layout, I need to be able to store it somewhere. Solution? A tilt-table layout! EUREKA!

I flipped through my “How to Build Model Railroad Benchwork” by Linn H. Westcott (published by Kalmbach Books) and found a short description and some photos of this tilt-table layout construction. Sadly, there were no measurements given.

IMG_2465IMG_2461 IMG_2462

As you can see the middle picture shows the layout in storage position while the last picture shows it at working position. You don’t need to bend under to fix any wiring. You could flip to either direction by removing one of the pivots. At storage position, your table top and any structures that you build on top of it are protected by the width of the side brackets. Isn’t this a marvelous construction for those without space to store and work?

The above design got me working overtime and I produced these drawings. This construction can be dismantled and transported. This tilt-table layout results in 25% space reduction over a normal benchwork. Feel free to comment and download for your own use. The drawings are according to 1:10 scale. When you print, it may not be to scale but nonetheless you have measurements to guide you. Good luck and let me know how you fare.




4 thoughts on “Eureka! Tilt-Table Layout Contruction!

  1. I have been looking high and low for a tilt a table as well and this too is a very good one. Although, I reside in Canada, rest assured I need to make space too.

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