The Challenge of A Tilting House

I lived in an old but modernized house (Altbauwohnung) near Frankfurt. Most of the houses in my area are of these types. While the owner has done wonderful job in modernizing his 3-story house, one of the challenges I face is uneven floors at every part of my apartment. Even in the living room, different corners have different degrees of tilt (I don’t think the house is of any risk of collapsing; else, it wouldn’t be fit for occupancy)

I have taken some measurements from a spirit level app on my smartphone (showing inches of rise per foot)

IMG_2439 IMG_2440 IMG_2441

This means special care has to be taken to make sure my benchwork is level at all four corners. Each leg of the benchwork will have to be customised and marked for each precise corner and additional thread bolts for adjustments.

So, there is no rush for me to construct my layout until I understand some of the construction challenges that I will face. Winter is a good time to think and plan before some actions will start in Spring. Watch out for progress.


2 thoughts on “The Challenge of A Tilting House

  1. Wow! That’s quite an uneven floor! I had a different but similar problem with my layout in the garage (which is of course at a slight angle so that water/fluids drain out). I found this solution which I used on my benchwork for making the layout level using…hockey pucks!

    Sounds strange, but I found this system works really well! Here’s a blog post where I have a photo of my benchwork and the ‘leveling feet/pucks’:

  2. Yes, quite an uneven floor and makes creaking sound everywhere I step. Thanks for the hockey puck tip. I will build them into my tilt-table support structure. Finally, I found a structure that fits into the limited space I have.

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