Turnout Planning with Peco Template and NEM103

PECO has finally updated their turnout templates and I managed to download all the N-scale turnout templates in code 55 (3,47MB) and code 80 (1,93MB). I intend to use mainly PECO turnouts but am open to try others such as those from Fleischmann and even at a later stage handlaid tracks from Fast Tracks.

You can download the 1:1 templates here. An example of a code 80 template below. To print correctly, make sure there is no sizing of the printing (Print > Properties > … ) Once printed, the ruler on the right side allows you to check with your ruler if you printed correctly.


Under the NEM103 guidelines, there should be clearance (loading gauge) on both sides of the track (27mm on straight track and 33-35mm on curved track). I used 35mm for curved track since I am running Wagon group C. If you maintain 27mm borders along the curved parts of the track, you run into the risk of hitting structures (platform, building, masts, etc.) The shaded areas are the extra space you need to observe on curves. See a close-up below.


CL = centerline (mid-point between rails): 4,5mm for N-scale/gauge.

I hope this gives you an idea of the application of NEM103 on turnouts, which are made up of straight and curved parts.


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