Tomix N-scale JNR SO 80ton Crane

One thing I found lacking in N-scale was modern railway maintenance equipment such as Plasser & Theurer tamping machines, Gottwald 100ton cranes, etc. Some of these came in kit form but they looked horrible and expensive. For example, this Kibri Gottwald railway crane cost about 80 Euro and you have to fix it yourself. In the end, it looks crappy. I wished Kibri or someone would come out with a better version, perhaps a working version of this crane.

In the meantime, I would have to settle for Tomix N-scale Japan National Railway (JNR) SO 80 crane, which cost me 30 Euro. The parts looked sturdier and with some repainting and weathering, I will remove the Japanese wordings. The Japanese N-scale is 1:50 compared to the US/European 1:160. Slightly larger but then most railway crane were large anyway.








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