InterCity Express (ICE): The Flagship of Deutsche Bahn

The ICE (InterCity-Express) is the flagship (ie. flag carrier) of Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG). The ICE is synonymous with DB AG and is an instant brand recognition for Germany. But don’t be mistaken with other ICE especially ICE 3. The same Siemens Velaro/ICE 3 design can be found in the Netherlands (operating as HiSpeed) and Switzerland (ICE SBB). The same design is also found in China high-speed railway as CRH3C, in Spain Velaro E and in Russia Velaro RUS. For more information on ICE, visit wiki or this special issue of Eisenbahn (Railway) Journal.

There are only 3 manufacturers of ICE trains in N-scale: Fleischmann (ICE 1, 2 and T), Minitrix (ICE 3) and Arnold/Hornby International (ICE 3). No company has produced ICE-TD in N-scale or any other scale (as far as I have researched) since there are only 20 trainsets in operation in DB AG. But, the ICE-T can be converted to -TD version by removing the pantographs and replacing with aerodynamic cover (easily fixed with styrene). I hope either Fleischmann or Minitrix will produced the next-generation ICx in N-scale when the real trainsets are delivered by Siemens to DB AG in 2016.




(L-R): ICE 2 Power Unit, ICE 2 End-Coach and ICE 3IMG_3665



For now, I am happy with my ICE 2 and 3 collections. It would be nice to add ICE 1 and -T, wouldn’t it? So you can expect the ICE to be running around prominently on my N-scale layout, or pose for photo shoot on my diorama.


img_36791Fleischmann “Piccolo” ICE 2 trainset


Arnold ICE 3 trainset


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