IKEA IVAR Shelf Layout

This is my first post for 2012, which means I better start doing something about my layout. I have a small apartment here and have to be realistic with the available space. I found the IKEA IVAR shelf which I think, makes a suitable N-scale layout.

This frame is actually the side frame of the IVAR shelf system. It comes in 3 heights – 124cm, 179cm and 226cm and 2 widths – 30cm and 50cm. The above is 226cm high and 50cm wide. I got 2 of these frames to make a 226cm by 100cm layout (if arranged as below) or a long shelf layout 452cm x 50cm. I am still toying with both ideas.

Some might argue that I should play the layout first before getting the frame. It is like a chicken-and-egg story. Sometimes, by having the frames ready forces me to get into action. Now I need to find suitable legs to support the frame.

A bottom view of the frame.

Okay, back to the drawing board now.

1. How to build a module leg support from Ikea Ivar shelf parts (sorry, in Deutsch)
2. IKEA IVAR Parts and Prices List (English, Deutsch)


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