Peco Streamline Universal Fine Turnouts

Most N-scale manufacturers produced their own commercial ready-to-run N-scale tracks and turnouts but none came close to the quality produced by a few manufacturers such as Atlas, Fleischmann and Peco. As for the handlaid versions, Canadian Fast Tracks makes quality ones that worth the investment.

Recently I bought all the Peco Streamline Universal Fine (N-scale code 55) turnouts and tracks that are available in the market. I am impressed with their quality and look forward to run them on my layout. I could not find a 1:1 Peco turnout template despite claimed to be sold or available online. Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile investment since I get to test each of them. In addition, I plan to xerox them 25%, 50% and 100% of their original size and make them available in this blog for download (Announcement: Peco N-scale code 55 and code 80 turnout templates).

Peco SL-E399F asymmetric 3-way turnout was quite a hard find. After a long search at Modellbau Süd, I finally found one. This turnout is 154mm long* with each turnout 10 degree.

Peco SL-E383F scissors crossover is 271mm long*, 10 degree at each turnout and a track center of 26mm between two parallel tracks.

These two turnouts will appear on my layout.

The Railway Modellers’ Club of Queensland prepared a nice summary of all the peco_turnout_dimensions.

* Measurement was taken from the end to end length of the straight rail


2 thoughts on “Peco Streamline Universal Fine Turnouts

  1. Hi Noel,

    Thanks for the link. Yes, that was the template I was looking for. I could not find all the code55 Streamline turnouts in Peco UK website. Do you have all of them?


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