Welcome to germaN160 by Trai-N-master


Welcome to germaN160 by Trai-N-master. This blog documents my first layout progress and discusses the processes, techniques and lessons learned from my first modular N-scale layout here in Germany. I called this blog germaN160, both to signify my host country and the railway I am modelling as well as my choice scale.

Apparently, “germ” also means “a cell that has all the information to grow into a complete adult organism (“germ cell”). I hope that my layout will have a chance to grow into a complete layout as a life-long project. I am still learning about model railway especially in building a layout. Learning from my German ICE diorama will be incorporated into this layout – all the do’s and don’ts as well as advices from my friend Bernd Kroll and others who offer their comments and critiques.

I chose N 1:160 scale since it allows me to run long trains on a limited space and offers a good balance between trains and scenery.  It is neither too small nor too big, and there are a few quality manufacturers in this scale – Fleischmann, Minitrix, Arnold, Piko, Brawa and Kato/Lemke to offer plenty of good selections.

Do bookmark this blog and visit regularly for updates.


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